Semi-active homing missiles'test and evaluation system


The Test and Evaluation system is a hardware-in-the-loop (HITL) laboratory setup designed for:

  • testing and evaluating the missiles behavior and miss distance in different scenarios, determining their behavior and the miss distance;
  • testing the effectiveness of active and passive jamming, evaluating jamming immunity of the seeker
  • IF Computer
  • Control computer
  • Display and user interface
  • Local network switch
  • RF Signal Generator
  • Reserved hardware installation bay (5U panel)
  • SUT (system-under-test) signals' generation and reception device
  • Secondary power supply
  • Uninterruptible power supply

Тактико-технические характеристики

Parameter Value
Number of targets simulated
5 real targets, 1 false target
Generated active jamming types
– self-screen and escort jamming with different modulation types;
– velocity gate pull-off;
– angle gate pull-off
Generated passive jamming types
– ground and sea clutters;
– mirror signal from the Earth surface;
– chaff cloud
Simulated signal bandwidth
2 MHz
Supply voltages used to power up the system
220V, 50 Hz, single-phase
380V, 50 Hz, three-phase
Activation time
Maximum three minutes.
minimum 500 hours.


  • High authenticity of modeling signals generated from different target types;
  • High authenticity of modeling active and passive jamming;
  • Interaction with the missile hardware in real time;
  • Modeling the missile flight taking into account the influence of active and passive jamming;
  • Possibility of creating different scenarios (target types, maneuvers, jamming impacts);
  • Possibility of tuning the frequencies of the generated signals depending on the “letter” frequency used in the missile;
  • Evaluation of the target hit by the warhead fragments;
  • Possibility of connecting an external ECM Generator;
  • Possibility of connecting additional measurement equipment;
  • Built-in calibration and functional check system;
  • System flexibility and expandability.
The Manufacturer's technical support and SPTA supply outside the warranty period will be provided throughout the system service life under a separate contract.

Operator — engineering degree, HITL training course