Mobile solid-state annular phased array radar for detection of low-flying targets "Rosa-M"


The low-flying target detection radar (LFTDR) is designed for automatic detection, measurement of primary coordinates (azimuth, range) and speed of aerial platforms (AP), automatic tracking of APs in active and passive jamming conditions, output of radar information to a remote control system; automatic AP classification (fixed-wing aircraft, helicopter, cruise missile, balloon, unidentified target); determination of jammer bearings.

Тактико-технические характеристики

Параметры Значение
Frequency range
X – band

     azimuth, degr.
     range, m
300-90 000
     elevation, гdegr.
     height, m
     speed, m/s ±1000

       Range of detection of an AP with 1 m2 RCS at 25 m height, km


Root mean square error of determination of AP coordinates

        azimuth, degr.
        range, m
        APs tracked simultaneously
Pulsed power at output of a single transceiver channel, W ≥6
Transceiver channels     256
        azimuth, degr. 2,1
        range, m 300
        range rate, m/s 2
Antenna system rise height, m 35
Setup (teardown) time, min ≤30
Activation time including functional check, min ≤5


Design features

  • the LFTDR setup (tearing down) is assisted by hydro-mechanical devices;
  • the antenna system is an annular phased array;
  • digital pattern-forming (no mechanical antenna rotation), the LFTDR
  • scans the space in azimuth by 4 partial patterns whereby each pattern
  • performs linear scanning across 90˚ sector;
  • the transceiver device is solid-state, multichannel, modular.