Low-flying and ground objects detection X-band radar "Rodnik"


The radar is designed for detection, measurement of the coordinates and parameters of motion of low-altitude and ground-based platforms (azimuth, range, range rate), automatic target classification and tracking within the assigned zones, and output of radar information to a user according to the assigned protocol.

Тактико-технические характеристики

Параметры Значение
Frequency range, GHz X – band
Space scanning, raster type:
in azimuth
circular sequence
in elevation
in range
in range rate
azimuth, deg. 360
in elevation, deg.
from 0 to 80
in range, m in engaging UAVs - from 500 to 20000;
engaging all other target types – from 3000 to 50000 
in range rate, m/s from 5 to 1000 

The radar provides detection ranges with a conditional 0.5 true detection probability and 10-5 false alarm probability with the antenna rotation rate of 6 rpm :
bomber with σt=5 m2 RCS at heights of 200 m to 10000 m


fighter-bomber with σt=3 m2 RCS at heights of 200 m to 10000 m

fighter with σt=1 m2 RCS at heights of 200 m to 8000 m


cruise missile with σt=0.1 m2 RCS at heights of 200 m to 2000 m
up to 17
fixed-wing UAV with σt=0,1 m2 RCS at the height from 200 to 2000 m height, km

up to 16

fixed-wing UAV with σt=0.01 m2 RCS at the height from 200 to 1000 m height, km

up to 10

multi-rotor type UAV with σt=0.001 m2 RCS at the height from 200 to 10000 m height, km

up to 6

range, m
azimuth, deg.
elevation, deg.
range rate, m/s
Radiated power, W
Information update rate,s 10; 5
Targets tracked
up to 100
Setup (teardown) time, min


Design features

  • digital active phased array (PA) used as the antenna system;
  • each transmitting element of the PA has its own transceiver unit a solid-state one with digital forming of the probing signal modulation law and double transformation of the received signal;
  • space surveillance, detection of targets, measurement of the coordinates and recognition are automatic, without involvement of the operator;
  • the radar is mounted on a unitized mobile hydro-mechanical platform installed on a special-type trailer chassis. The radar automated workstation is remote-located at the user’s command post.