The company possesses highly qualified specialists who will do, in the interests of the Customer, sophisticated research and development jobs including all stages: preliminary and critical design, building the system prototype, lab and field tests, preparing the manufacturing design documents, in the following fields:


Developing aerial target radar recognition systems for different radar types;

Developing signal simulation modeling systems for different radar types;

Developing application software packages for mathematical modeling of air defense missile systems;

Developing radars of different wavebands and designations, developing radar suites;

Developing received signal simulators for radars of different wavebands;

Developing radar signals and information registration systems;

Researching the variants and choosing the principles of building extra-trajectory measurement

Complexes for different aplications with concurrent development of hardware-in-the-loop models;

Developing unitized systems of signal processing, jamming environment radio monitoring and radar control;

Developing hardware-in-the-loop Complexes for testing the signals of semi-active missile seekers of different SAM systems;

Developing multifunctional deception jamming (spoofing), simulation and recognition systems;

Researching radar characteristics of ballistic targets, developing and validating the methods and algorithms of recognition of those targets. 

Electronic Warfare

Substantiating the types, parameters and techniques of generation of denial and deception jamming (spoofing), developing the denial jamming and spoofing Complexes designated against navigation equipment of GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BeiDou users;

Substantiating the types, parameters and techniques of jamming radio communication links, developing stations and Complexes for jamming radio communication links working at fixed frequencies and in adaptive and programmable frequency-hopping mode;

Developing artillery ammunition (gun shells, rockets, mortar shells) radio proximity fuze jammers;

Developing counter-UAV stations and ECM Complexes;

Developing compact radio communication and radio navigation jammers of different types for installation on ground facilities and unmanned aerial vehicles;

Developing stationary and mobile stations and Complexes for signal intelligence, direction-finding and positioning of radio emission sources;

Developing multilateration Complexes for positioning and recognition of aerial platforms by their on-board electronic equipment emissions;

Developing ELINT stations for reconnoitering ground-based and airborne radars.