For the JSC “KB Radar” – Managing Company of “Radar Systems” Holding, each MILEX signifies not only participation in the parade of achievements of the national military industrial complex, but also a test to prove the correct choice of the general concept and trends of development of the company.
At MILEX-2019, “KB Radar” has showcased “alive” a number of new wares whose bright future raises no doubts.
The full denomination alone of “Vostok-3D”, a mobile three-dimensional solid-state combination VHF- and S-band radar, gives one an idea of novelty of the technologies used in building the system and the wide spectrum of tasks it is designed to resolve. While its predecessor the two-dimensional “Vostok-D” was customarily recognized at Air Defense maneuvers as ideal and final authority in terms of reception and output of radar info, the new radar set (in fact, a suite of radars) has inherited all the best of the operational and technical characteristics, ruggedness and reliability in grueling combat environments.
In creating the mobile version of “Rosa-RB-M” low-altitude target detection radar, “KB Radar” experts have successfully solved a number of complex technical problems. As a result, the core element of the system the annular phased array weighing nearly a ton, following emplacement of its high cross-country capacity carrier truck on position, happens to be hoisted at a height of forty meters in readiness for combat within less than 30 minutes.
In addition to compact size and, hence, high mobility, the potential users of the X-band low-altitude and ground objects detection radar “Rodnik” will be “wooed” by its versatility. The radar set detects, measures the coordinates and parameters of motion of low-flying and ground objects, and will be welcomed by Air Defense troops as a means “covering” the required sectors of the radar field, as well as will serve as an effective complement to electronic warfare assets, first and foremost, to counter-UAV systems.
Within the gamut of counter-UAV systems, apart from the “Groza-S” counter-drone stations tangibly perfected since the previous MILEX-2017, “Groza-R” and “Groza-R2” counter-drone guns, “KB Radar” has for the first timer shown “Groza-O” the UAV operator detection system. Indeed detecting and neutralizing the operator of an illegal or criminal drone is the task as important as the one of counteracting the unmanned aerial vehicle proper.
The exhibition Diploma awarded to “KB Radar” is undoubtedly fully merited. However, the vivid and concrete interest in the company products displayed by representatives of the country’s Armed Forces and professional foreign visitors is an even more important appraisal of participation in this significant event.
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