"Groza-R4" a newcomer in the line of anti-drone assets

Image: ballistica

The JSC "KB Radar" JSC has completed the development, manufacture and acceptance tests of the device for blocking radio control and navigation channels of multicopters "Groza-R4", designed to prevent unauthorized penetration of drones into the protected territory.

The device is made in the form of a case with overall dimensions 103x63x23 cm, installed on a tripod with a swivel-tilt arm. The weight of the product is about 20 kg. The product can be operated both from stationary position and on open mobile platforms.

The advantages of this latest development of the JSC "KB Radar" are compactness and ease of use. The device blocking radio control and navigation channels of multicopters "Groza-R4" can be employed in different terrain, including in urban conditions. Another advantage of this product is that its use does not require extensive training and special skills of the operator.

The ease of the product use allows one to turn it in the direction of the aerial target and press the button to block the control channels of the drone. As a result, the drone makes a forced landing or returns to the point of takeoff. If the multicopter begins to return to the take-off point, the user of the product can block the navigation channels by pressing a button, which results in a forced landing of the drone or its transition to uncontrolled flight with the subsequent fall.

It is also possible to operate the product in omnidirectional mode, which does not require turning the product in the direction of the multicopter.

The range of jamming the control and data transmission channels of drones is up to 1 km, the continuous radiation time is up to 60 minutes.

The "Groza-R4" system was presented during the MILEX-2021 exhibition.

Image: ballistica