The company’s history starting from April 6, 1974 when a special department was set up at the Science Research Institute of Automation Means (city of Minsk), is the history of selfless service of the team of scientists, speciallists, all employees in the interests of the country, strengthening its defense, scientific and industrial potential.

9th March 2006 is today’s company founding date. The RUE «KB Radar», based on resolution of the Minsk City Council, was registered in the Unified State Register of Juridical Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs as Entry No 190699027.

From 30 December 2010, the company bears the legal status of an Open Joint Stock Company (JSC «KB Radar»). Currently 100% of the shares belong to the State.

In connection with establishment of the «Radar Systems» Holding, as from 17th October 2011 the company was re-named into JSC «KB Radar» — Managing Company of «Radar Systems» Holding controlled by the State Military and Industrial Committee of the Republlic of Belarus.

«Radar Systems» Holding

The «Radar Systems» Holding has been set up with the purpose of joint coordinated implementation of the processes of development and commissioning of radar systems and EW assets, other military and dual-use systems in accordance with the specialization and regulations of the Managing and Paricipant companies of the Holding, based on the latest achievements of science and innovative technologies.

The «Radar Systems» Holding is one of the leading organizations of the Millitary and Industrial Committee of the Republic of Belarus conducting the uniform policy in the sphere of defense, development of the military industries sector, cooperation of the Republic of Belarus with foreign states in military technologies.

The Holding would perform a «turnkey» work cycle — from development to production and follow-up of the equipment designed, training the Customer’s specialists in its operation, maintenance and repairs.

The Holding joins the companies with a long-standing record, offering their specialization, unique technologies and achievements.

Holding Structure

JSC «KB Radar» – Managing Company of «Radar Systems» Holding;

OJSC “Gomel Design Bureau «Luch».

JSC «KB Radar» – Managing Company of «Radar Systems» Holding
+ 375 17 295 30 91
Republic of Belarus, 220026, Minsk,
64a, Partizanski Prospekt
OJSC “Gomel Design Bureau «Luch»
+ 375 232 43 51 71
7, Obyezdnaya st.,
246012, Gomel, Republic of Belarus