Since 2006, over 15 military systems developed by «KB Radar» have been fielded with the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus.

Tangible results have been achieved by «KB Radar» within ten years of its active work as an independent company.

In the field of radar

Development of radar recognition systems for tracking radars of air defense missile systems, air defense surveillance radars, portable ground-based radars and other radar equipment. These systems greatly enhance performances of the existent SAM systems and radars by providing additional information about the tracked target;

Creation, fielding with the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, of a verion of mobile 2D solid-state VHF-band surveillance radar «Vostok-E/D». The radar operation in different climatic conditions shows superior, as compared to counterparts in the same class, performances. A familly of highly efficient mobile and stationary radars is being developed based on the «Vostok-E/D», such as «Vostok 3D» three-dimensional version with an active phased array, a VHF-band ranging channel and S-band height-finding channel. This technical solution will result in building a highly competitive radar set in terms of cost effectiveness;

Creation, fielding with the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, of a low-altitude solid-state digital annular phased array radar. Chains of such radars would reliably cover a national border from trespassing by low-visibility small-size aerial vehicles flying at extremely low heights. A mobile version of the radar is under development, which will solve the tasks of prompt creation of a low-altitude radar field;

Creation of simulation models of different air defense missile systems. The models comprise functional blocks taking into account real space-and-time characteristics of the processes modeled. If necessary, individual systems and sub-systems/units of the SAM systems are simulated. The models can be used to design, upgrade or research radars and SAM systems, evaluate their anti-jamming capacity. The degree of detail, the modeling operation medium and interface are adapted to the user’s requirements and possibilities;

Creation of original software products for mathematical modeling of sophisticated radio engineering systems, (radars, ADMS). These software products enable the Customer to considerably reduce the time and cost of developing, testing and debugging complex radio engineering systems. All radar systems developed by «KB Radar» pass the stage of mathematical modeling as a must.

In the field of EW

Creation, fielding with the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, of ground and aviation communication link SIGINT, direction-finding and jamming stations, COMINT and jamming complexes based on such stations integrated with command posts;

Creation, fielding with the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, of small-size denial jamming and spoofing transmitters and spatially-distributed Complexes of jamming transmitters designated against GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BeiDou user navigation equipment. The «intelligent» jammers generated by these systems impart the user with tangible advantages and initiative in modern «net-centric» warfare;
Creation of stations and counter-UAV electronic countermeasure Complexes exerting integrated impact on the aerial vehicle navigation, control and data transmission systems;

Creation, fielding with the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, of artillery ammunition (gun/howitzer and mortar shells, rockets) proximity radio fuze jammers. These systems provide reliable protection of troops and key facilities from artillery shelling by generating jamming signals initiating the munition detonation at a safe height and distance from the protected facility;
Creation of multilateration Complexes positioning aerial platforms by their on-board radio electronic equipment emissions. The Complexes provide the user with a host of useful information about the aerial situation in passive radar functional mode, which ensures the system’s total operational concealment.